Live your dream – here and now! 

Always say »yes« to the new opportunities, don’t be afraid to take risks and believe in your success. Live here and now and always ask yourself how your actions will help to the others …

Alen Pavšar, the director and Mateja Zorko Pavšar, the screenwriter of the movie Vloga za Emo (Changing Emma) will talk about these tips for full and fulfilling business and personal life. It was the second most watched Slovenian independent movie and it was watched by more than 35.000 viewers in 2014. But the truth is, it meant much more than that. It was the opportunity for changing lives of all the people who created it.


Who are Mateja and Alen? 

Her friends say, Mateja just cannot stand still.

She has been performing on stage since she was little and she has not stopped working in radio and television during her Pedagogy studies. During her student days she became more and more dedicated to work in public relations. After graduation, she became a psychologist in the elementary school, but in the same time she was cooperating with MIK Celje. Later, she was employed in this company for several years. Approximately at that time her first book, Vsemogočni v ogledalu (Almighty in the Mirror) was published (Lisac&Lisac, 2012, Mateja Zorko, Franci Pliberšek).

Working with children, however, is what Mateja always returns to. In 2010, she started working as psychologist at School Centre Celje, where the first students’ online / web television was founded. The television was inspired by the book MotivAkcija za mlade (MotivAction for Young) (Smiljan Mori Success Systems, 2012, Mateja Zorko and Smiljan Mori). On the base of that book, the screenplay for the movie Vloga za Emo was written. The movie won the Golden Roll Award.

Alen was staring at the camera, wondering how the picture came on television, before he could walk.

He was a first generation student of the media technician program at School Centre Celje and completed his high school education as one of the most perspective students. Already then he used each moment of his free time to direct some movies (Kaos, Popolno …) and received many awards at movie festivals. After graduating he started working as multimedia engineer / teacher at School Centre Celje. At the same time, he owns and is a director of the company Almedia, which produced a lot of promotional movie, adds, music videos and other video materials. His most notable project is certainly a movie for young people, Vloga za Emo, where he appeared as the producer and director. Slovenian renowned director Janez Lapajne, who was Alen’s professor said, Alen had been a young aspiring director already during the study and he will surely leave a mark in the Slovenian movie industry.

His colleagues say, Alen is extremely competent, ambitious person, who knows exactly what he wants. He is uncompromising, but at the same time remains humble and follows the right values and principles.