Pattern City Velenje – the most modern classroom in Europe

Pattern City Velenje, founded 2018 (Pattern.City), is an education ecosystem dedicated to research and innovation development in the cooperation of the educational sphere and economy. The concept is based on the Quintuple Helix Innovation model for sustainable knowledge circulation. Students in the Pattern City explore, create, broaden their horizons in the most modern way and thus learn about modern science and technology with the help of interactive tools. In doing so, they develop the competences of digital literacy, interdisciplinarity and seek for innovative solutions. The challenge of digital transformation in the school system is our priority. New technologies as a learning tool motivate students while offering them technology that they find familiar. In this way, we can optimize the beginning of learning and determine the difficulty of vertical education. In the Pattern City we are looking for a point of researching the taxonomy of learning and understanding complex learning materials. We analyze the active learning pathway of the student’s activity, which in addition to learning the subject includes their cognitive, affective and psychomotor personality. The purpose of learning layouts, evaluations and research is to find new methodological approaches that are commensurate with the student’s view of the current development of technology. To date, over 25000 pupils and students from all over Slovenia have visited us.


Who is Miha?

Miha Cojhter, together with Erik Kapfer, is the conceptual owner and co-founder of the Pattern City Velenje. Pattern City operates as a research and development department of the University for Society (Andragoški zavod Ljudska univerza Velenje). Miha with an MA in computer science is head of Pattern City’s educational programme part. He does research on the importance of education, science and the arts, which can be read in his several scientific articles. His works in education, science and art are found in America and Europe. As a resident of Austria, he has been working intensively in Velenje and Slovenia for the last few years and has been establishing better educational conditions and skills acquisition through projects. The most recognizable projects are: Interactive Learning installations of the Pattern City (Roboelectrics, 10,000 miles, World Wars, Forgotten World and Under construction), Space 360° Center Noordung, Between Tree and Cradle, Fashion Giants, the Šalek Valley educational parks, Hiking trails of the Upper Savinja Valley, Muzej flosarstva Ljubno. What is more, the first smart classroom in rural areas in being prepared.  

The areas of expertise in his work are: development of educational methods, research curriculum, conceptual learning, curriculum preparation for students and teacher training, development of interactive educational programmes with the help of modern technology.