Didactics in the age of education 4.0

The ´future world of work´ is not the future anymore. Digitalization and automation affect our lives in, roughly speaking, all fields. Industry 4.0, welfare 4.0 and commerce 4.0 have prompted education 4.0 and the 21st century skills.

In this context, several recent innovation projects in Denmark have resulted in the new didactic model “ROBOdidactic”. The model promotes teaching that includes digital production, whether the technologies cover programming, robot technologies or, recently, augmented reality. The teaching of technological production is linked to aspects of digital literacy and collaboration with stakeholders in the environment. Playground approaches as well as the learners’ co-design of processes are also crucial elements.

With the learner in the center, the teachers create greater coherence across educational levels, between primary, secondary and higher education. Thus, the teachers cooperate across the levels to transform the ´education chain´ into a ´learning chain´. The presentation will offer practical and theoretical insight into the model “ROBOdidactic”. Selected elements are illustrated by two vocational highschool teachers, with examples from their teaching practice in different advanced technologies across the ´education chain´.


Who is Regina?

Regina is the founder and director of Moeve; in movement on her mission to spot and achieve new landmarks for education and training.

The dedicated project manager of a wide range of major pedagogical innovation projects, in Denmark as well as across countries; she creates a playground for bringing professionals together and fostering their joint innovation. This involves organizing, de-constructing and re-organizing, until new forms and synergies emerge, always being aware of goals and schedules to be met and to interact with innovation. Here, Regina uses the human desire for exploration and progression as the main driving forces.

The youth education sector with its related fields is her primary area of work, where ICT for refining teaching and learning processes is one of her core business areas.

Regina holds a Master of Adult Education as well as a Master of Project Management and Change Processes, built on her commercial background and years of teaching. From time to time, she delivers expert tasks, such as studies, analyses, and research work, also related to results from her projects.