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    Instructions for payment will be sent on 27. 9. 2021 to the specified e - mail.

    Personal data protection

    With the application to Creative Learning Environments National Professional Conference you agree that we collect your data, which are used according to the General Data Protection Regulations. In the coherence with the hereby mentioned regulation you can use the following rights.
    · You have the right to access the personal data: you can request the information about the data processing. In case that your data are used for processing, you can demand information about the data processing, hereby to learn which data are used, and what for as well as where these data came from;
    · You have the right to correct your personal data: you right is to demand that we correct or edit your insufficient or. irregular data, that are used;
    · The right to demand the restriction of your personal data processing (when checking of the irregularities with your data is in progress);
    · The right to deletion of your personal data: You have the right that your personal data are deleted. The right to deletion is restricted and applies only to those data, that are processed after your approval. Therefore, here do not belong your personal data, which we are obliged to keep, according to the law regulation or are being lead because of the contract or other legal interests we have;
    · The right to complaint: if you think your rights were violated you have the right to complain or to report to the Informational representative.

    All the upper rights may be accomplished by sending us a post to the following address: Šolski center Celje, Pot na Lavo 22, 3000 Celje or to the following email address: Legal representative for the data protection abuses for School centre Celje is Kaja Dosedla, lawyer.

    Creative Learning Environments National Professional Conference is a public event, which will be photographed and recorded by the organiser, attendants and/or present media, with the purpose of the promotion, media reporting and publishing in proceedings, websites and in official social networks of the conference as well as School centre's.

    By submitting the application I agree, that I have been acquainted with the use, processing and data protection terms.